Clear old patterns



Hello, You.

Maybe you landed here because you get the sense that something’s been holding you back. You may have been wondering ‘what if…’ for some time now.  

SO? If you’re curious about what’s possible for you, you’ve arrived in exactly the right place. Welcome. 

I have some questions for you to mull over: Are you loving your body? Do you know your mind intimately well? Have you found your flow?

Let’s change it up.

The Framework

You’re triggered. You’re exhausted. You may have been developing your self for ages, but it just ain’t working. However you are holding yourself back from your own potential, please know that you are not the only one. 

In a world where we are quite literally asleep to our own potential, the journey into the self is the path less trodden. It can be confusing, and there are many voices in this space.

The intention of BODY//MIND//FLOW is to offer you your own roadmap, regardless of how far you’ve journeyed into development.

Hi. My name is Nathan.

I’ve been walking the path of self-development and inquiry for some time now. My purpose in this world is to share the teachings, musings, tools and methods that I have picked up along the way, in service of you and your unfolding.

I am often asked why I created the BODY//MIND//FLOW framework. The answer is simple: I have BODY//MIND//FLOPPED multiple times in my life.

This framework is a melting pot to clear all the crap that isn’t serving you, that doesn’t do you any justice. You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?



'I needed to turn in, to reflect on myself, on what I want in life, what makes me happy - rather than focusing on others, all the time. I was feeling calmer, full of energy, not having this tiredness anymore, not feeling overwhelmed, it’s like I’ve been running a marathon, but I was still full of energy to keep running. It was a gift for me at this moment in life, and a gift for my baby, for the future. I wish anyone in their life to experience what I have experienced.'


'I didn’t know what to expect from this journey, but soon after starting to work with Nathan I noticed how much better about myself I felt. I was frustrated and confused about a few things in my life, and these sessions really helped to ‘clear the fog’. One tangible upshot is that the house in which I reside has now been transformed into a home that I love, and feel settled in. I am incredibly grateful to Nathan, my guide, who showed me that I have the ability to accomplish so much more than I thought.'


'During the whole time I attended sessions with Nathan, I felt held, respected, listened to. The insights were uncanny - at times surprising - but always absolutely spot on. I had material to integrate, I knew we were going forward. I now feel way more healthy - as if I have done an intense yoga course for my mind and spirit.'

Maria, Sydney

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