Guidance on the quest
To truth and clarity so
Growth can manifest


I’d like to show you how to open your BODY, free your MIND & find your FLOW.

I want to be of service by helping you find your path to a life of truth and clarity: My studies, practice and profession are dedicated to this outcome.  I constantly seek knowledge and training from the world’s finest experts, sages and gurus within the human potential movement. 

BODY // MIND // FLOW // is a culmination of my learning and inquiry, intended to give sustenance regardless of how far you are in your own journey.  By opening and strengthening your physical being, offering light and reflection to your thoughts, together we can locate the energetic magic of the flow state.

So if you find yourself a bit ‘caught up’, or feel the need for evolution, I am the teacher, coach and consultant with the qualifications, accomplishments and experience to help.  I work internationally with my clients both in-person and online.  

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Here you can see a selection of recent posts from the three themes of BODY // MIND // FLOW //,
as well as highlights from my personal blog ‘The Diaries of a Migratory Bird’.

One of the earliest emotions I felt soon after starting to work with Nathan was how much better about myself I felt.  I was frustrated, and confused about a few things, and these sessions really helped to ‘clear the fog’.  One tangible upshot was that the house where I reside has now been transformed into a home that I love, and feel settled in.  I did not know what to expect when we started this journey, but I am incredibly grateful to Nathan, my guide, who showed me that I have the ability to accomplish so much more than I thought.  A must-do activity for any person with a busy life who wants to slow down, and focus on some ‘home-improvement’.

— Simon, Los Angeles

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