Guidance on the quest
To truth and clarity so
Growth can manifest


Being in your BODY.
Knowing your MIND.
Finding your FLOW.

May we be honest with each other?  Life can be complex, confusing, challenging.  Most of the time we find ourselves so deeply engrossed in our own ‘busy-ness’, that we aren’t fully engaged in the moments of our own existence.  We are in fact so busy – being busy – that the world passes us by in a haze.

A life of truth and clarity is available to every one of us, always, and yet somehow we are distracted from this as a way of being.  Somewhere along the way, we learn to forget the core potential that is our birthright.  Maintaining alignment with this potential is our sole job on this planet. 

Pressing pause with me allows you to see the unseen, hear the unheard and feel the unfelt nuances that may be otherwise missed.  How about rewinding, reviewing, renewing?  Learn how to press slow-mo to locate the expansive depth of quality available in every moment of your life.

If you recognise even the subtlest of callings for evolution in your world, why not get in touch?  I work both in person and online with my clients in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York + London.

A complimentary 30 minute introductory session is available to all new clients who are ready.


There will be no holding back: Uncomfortable questions will be asked, and you will be challenged to stretch beyond where you are now – to the possibility of you.


Take the first step to a more elevated and expansive existence. 


Are you ready?  Talk with me.  Book in with me here.




Here you can see a selection of recent posts from the three themes of BODY // MIND // FLOW //,
as well as highlights from my personal blog ‘The Diaries of a Migratory Bird’.

“During the whole time I attended sessions with Nathan, I felt held, respected, listened to.  But most importantly, the insights were uncanny, at times surprising but always absolutely spot on. Which meant I went away each session with material that would take me days to process and integrate.

But that was the thing, I had material to integrate, I knew we were going forward, I knew that, difficult though it might be, I was heading out of a mental swamp and off my treadmill, and into totally new and exciting territories.

I was led to insights about myself that were real game changers for how I was approaching and dealing with all the important things in my life.  I now feel more healthy mentally and emotionally.

It’s as if I have done an intense yoga course for my spirit.” 

— Maria W, journalist + author, Sydney


“I didn’t know what to expect from this journey, but soon after starting to work with Nathan I noticed how much better about myself I felt.  I was frustrated and confused about a few things in my life, and these sessions really helped to ‘clear the fog’. 

One tangible upshot is that the house in which I reside has now been transformed into a home that I love, and feel settled in.  I am incredibly grateful to Nathan, my guide, who showed me that I have the ability to accomplish so much more than I thought.”

— Richard C, entertainment, Los Angeles


“Sage, confidant, yoga maestro, world traveler/migratory bird and my confidence compass.”

— Stacy C, marketer + event producer, Los Angeles

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