Let’s Be Honest With Each
Other For A Moment…

...Life is rarely simple.

Like many of the people I continually meet, I’ve often come across speed-bumps in my own life. Sometimes I’ve all-out slammed into cold, hard roadblocks.

I’ve managed to work through these blips with time, patience, self-enquiry and an openness to new ways of thinking thanks to the generosity of the best and brightest guides. These teachers have taught me the multiple paths of self-development, all of which have a few things in common: Rigorous study, dedication and of course discipline in daily practice. 

I’ve made it my purpose to first collate and then share the knowledge I’ve accumulated from these most priceless resources. Within my physical teaching and coaching, and within the online contents of my blog, I want to share this knowledge with you.  Three key themes prevail — BODY, MIND and FLOW. This is a triangle that I refer back to constantly.

An introduction from me.


For decades I’ve taught, worked, done business and socialised with the world’s elite bankers, financiers, entrepreneurs and creatives. I know what it takes to perform at peak, relentlessly.

A few of my past-life identities in headline form: I ran my own successful businesses; I raced triathlon internationally; I taught London’s finest in the most exclusive gyms and health clubs. I was a self-confessed overachiever and adrenaline junkie. I could feel my body crumbling, and I craved change.

I said goodbye to my old life, and everything in it, and headed to India to study with a most respected guru and master yogi. A few months of deep diving, rigorous study and practice later (on top of 20 years’ practice) I qualified as a yoga teacher.

My life in service to others includes sharing the knowledge of the body, in order to allow a deeper connection with the self. If we see the body as our vessel, an organism to work with, not against, we can cultivate a deeper relationship with it.

The key is to embrace our body as a part of us to love in its entirety, rather than compare it to how it was in the past, or how it is compared to the person next to us.


In spite of all the success I’ve achieved in my years, I’ve had multiple moments in which I found myself in a mental, emotional puddle. Sometimes the metaphorical puddles felt like lakes. I bulldozed on regardless, fearing that anyone should see the truth of me – that I was drowning. In this state I made decisions and choices that I would later come to deeply regret.

I had too much of the ‘material’, too much choice, and too much pressure as I tried to cope. The plate-spinning stress of it all became too much. I had a life that simply had too much. I know, first-world problems, right? Sound familiar? As I caved under the pressure, I realised I could make a choice to look for more meaning, for more purpose.

Since I left London in 2016 I’ve been traveling the world to study with renowned experts in the fields of meditation, life coaching and spirituality. I’ve made it my purpose to help others help themselves out of their own suffering. 

With a relationship based on trust, respect and honesty, my clients are guided in their search for truth, clarity and meaning. The style of conversation you can expect is kind and loving in its intuitive directness, integrating joyfulness and humour as a vital part of the process.


The word FLOW, now ubiquitous, can be slapped on almost anything. It has a level of sex appeal in this somewhat bonkers and certainly fast-paced world. The use of the word can imply many things, some more ‘woo-woo’ and some slightly more academic. 

It’s only been through my own journey of turning inward that I have realized the true definition of the word. In my lived experience it speaks to the state of being that used to seem so impossibly foreign – the state of easefulness. 

In order to realise this state, I found I would have to work my butt off in a whole new way: I applied the same intention and focus to this work that used to see me through an Ironman. First to becoming present, second to becoming clear about my own patterns and triggers, lastly in order to shift them and locate integration. 

Let’s be clear about one thing – FLOW finds its own balance with the word ‘ebb’. Just as all things in life – it comes and it goes. Being still with this simple truth is the mechanism by which we can come back to ourselves, back to truth, into reality.

Certifications & training

Certified Developmental Coach *
Certified Meta-Coach *
Certified Integral Semantics Facilitator *
Certified Master NLP Practitioner * (*The Coaching Room, Sydney, Australia)
Certified Swimming Instructor (UK level 2, British Amateur Swimming Association)
Certified Freestyle Spinning® Instructor (Mad Dogg Athletics USA)
Hatha Yoga Instructor (Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham, India)
Vinyasa Yoga Instructor (Krama Yoga, Sydney, Australia)
Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Academic Education

2001-2004 BA Hons Fashion Promotion
2000-2001 BTEC Diploma Art Foundation
London College of Fashion, University of the Arts

Sports // Interests

Olympic to long distance (Ironman) triathlon, open water swimming, running, hiking, yoga, free weights, calisthenics
Anthropology, psychology, spirituality
Dirty beats that make me want to move my body – always