This was a face I used to wear often - angry, doubting, paranoid...afraid.


She was referring to the title of my blog ‘The Diaries of a Migratory Bird’: “But babes, surely you’re more of a lion/tiger. Isn’t a bird more…well…insipid?”

I FOUND IT ENTIRELY CONFRONTING. But why? She is one of my closest friends! It had the potential for a classic bust up (I ‘did’ angry SO WELL with those around me – especially so with my loved ones).

I heard what she was saying, but I couldn’t explain the relevance of the bird. The meaning I made of the tension in my chest and the building heat on my face was frustration at her for challenging me. I CHOSE to make it about her challenging me.

So why was this bird so angry?!

Some time later, with added perspective and stillness, I see that it was so much more – as was the case with so many other moments in my life. It was the potent inability to articulate my point. I was unable to bring true expression to what was going on in my head and in my heart – not just with her, but the rest of the world. In anger, I was working against the world instead of with it.

Today felt like the day to share the words that are now available:
Firstly, the ‘Migratory Bird’ wasn’t meant to be an avatar of ‘me’ in a literal sense. It is intended to be a representation of the journey

  • Birds of flight symbolise freedom, lightness and perspective.
  • They exist at a distance.
  • They are proof of nature’s majestic existence, varied in perfect aerodynamic form.
  • They hang out wherever they moved to, and when it’s time, simply move on again, unattached.
  • The migratory bird finds sustenance and shelter en route, wherever available.
  • There is intuition at birth, knowledge of doing.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, all birds are free of baggage.

At the time of creating the blog, I longed for every one of these qualities. I was desperate to lose my metaphorical baggage…it was palpable! In all the confusion of that time, one truth prevailed, and that was the desire for a deeper, more profound connection to others, and the world around me.

Years of often agonising exploration, coaching, conversation and self enquiry later, it is abundantly clear that the relation to self must come first. Starting with the self work is the key to finding and creating internal spaciousness.

My highest intention is to reduce the needless suffering of other human beings.

Regardless of all the constant unfolding of my self, these are the things that remain constant:
My journey is about communicating the methods I’ve learnt to finding fresh, alternative perspectives to the ‘norm’;
My work is dedicated to offering an open door to another human being’s potential;
My highest intention is to reduce the needless suffering of other human beings.

It is through this blog that I share what has moved me to the present moment and how I continue to learn to live and work with the world. Some things are kept to my private journal, some things are shared online. In these diaries you will find a journey through thoughts, feelings, musings and teachings – both of my own and others.

So – how are you relating with the world? Your community? Your family and friends? How are you relating with your self?

The journey to a better relationship with your world starts with your self.

With gratitude,

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