Do you ever feel frustrated at the pace with which your brain moves?

A yoga practice to welcome last week’s lunar eclipse, Mallorquin-style (at the beach) marked the start of me finding my focus.

Several weeks into my stay in Mallorca,  and we are now peeking into August (HOW?). I realised that I’ve been so immersed in this experience that I haven’t kept up with posting. My friends and family have been asking ‘how’s it going?’ The simple version is fantastic. There’s a sense of balance here that I am loving very much. On the flip-side I’ve been so busy out here that I slightly lost sight of my own purpose, and that was to continue with my blog.

I sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the speed with which my own brain moves. I seem to have an inability to focus long enough to act upon the great ideas I seem to keep having. Its frustrating, but I am guessing I’m not the only one to feel like that. I also recognise the need to not beat myself up about it.

I have had a few moments where I have felt compelled to write, and then simply changed tasks, entirely daunted by the huge list of topics that I want to cover…there are so many subjects that I want to delve into…so many posts I want to write about the places I’ve visited.

A great friend of mine recently said to me ‘sweetheart keep it simple, don’t overthink it’: So as I see it, the only thing I can do is to get a better rhythm, post more regularly and NOT write long essays of copy (guilty as charged). I also need to stop overworking the words and just hit ‘publish’.

I am pulling together the many reasons that I love Mallorca for a post in the coming weeks. For now I simply want to share just one key magical moment from last Friday evening, when I went to the beach for a pre-eclipse yoga practice.

The main image is of last Friday evening in our yoga circle. My iPhone snaps of the eclipse of course didn’t come out well – but you’ve likely seen many already. There could also be so many words – but it was a deeply personal moment and I don’t want to rant on trying to find a way to explain it.

I am told that a lunar eclipse marks a big reset or shift in energy…that was the part of the blood moon that I felt.

Here’s to potency in practice, rhythm and flow.

With gratitude,



Thank you to Kate Caistor for coming up with the idea to go rogue on the beach, and of course for the soothing practice.

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