To mark my Valentine’s skydive two years ago today, in this post I share my thoughts on ‘rehearsing’ poorly .vs. a more resourceful approach.

Always wanted to do a skydive?
Read on to find out how to shift your mind-set in service of freedom.

I hadn’t, until my east coast of ‘Straya adventure two years ago. I put myself on the greyhound bus like a 23 year old, and did it all. At another time in my life, I would never EVER have even dreamt of doing it. I was way too afraid. Upon reflection this morning, I question whether this was because of the f*** it stage of life I was in, or whether I was able to see more freely and clearly at the time. The answer is the latter. 

I’ve coached a few people through the process, so I thought I would share a few steps and thoughts to mark the day. First, it’s a good idea to bring clarity to the current Mind-set. Simplify the thought process so that it is easy to see. Then it is possible to create space for a different potential, by choosing a different Mind-set, or as I like to call it, Mind-space. The last option requires a little more practice, time and dedication — being so present that the mind is not in control. I am referring to this as Mind-less, or Free-of-mind.

If you’ve considered doing a skydive, but the thought of it brings the sentence ‘I just could NEVER do that, I would be so afraid’ before you booked, then the sentence would sound something like ‘OMG I can’t believe I’m thinking I can do this/what was I thinking/I am so scared’ once you have booked in and in the run up to it.

Let’s get real on this, shall we? Challenge your thinking?

MIND-SET: If you have never done one, how do you KNOW to call it scary/impossible/awful? If you don’t know it will be scary/impossible/awful, then where do you think rehearsing as such will take you?

MIND-SPACE: What would the potential be, should you rehearse it as if it were going to be one of the best/most liberating/joy-filled experiences of your life?

MIND-LESS: (OR – free-of-mind) What about not rehearsing at all? What about then? Well, the answer is, you have a chance of being totally present. 

If you are doing, or what to do a skydive, then consider the steps below in your approach:

  1. The person you are attaching yourself to is a professional, he/she does this for a living. He/she does not want to die. 
  2. In the run up to that moment of liberation, remember point one, and go through it step by step, i.e. arrive at the plane and put on the harness, stay with that…then get into the plane when invited to…trust the pilot…trust your guide…trust yourself. 
  3. Breathe. 
  4. Breathe some more. 
  5. Listen to instructions, follow them closely. 
  6. As you look down on the world below, remember how incredible it is to gain additional perspective, and how lucky we are to have the habitat we currently do. 
  7. In-joy the view, in-joy the movement, in-joy the moment. 
  8. Breathe…it all in…
  9. Fall, free: Perhaps for the first time in your life. 
  10. Arrive back to planet earth. 
  11. Remember what you are capable of when change your mindset and create space in your mind for new possibilities.
  12. Imagine what you can do if you learn to truly tune in to your present moment. 

We can do so much, when we ‘set our minds to it’:
I wonder what the potential is when we choose to set ourselves free – free of mind?

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