Conversations with clients are the biggest gift: 
This one is so good it could go on a mug. 

‘I really don’t have time to be a bitch…’


…is a realisation spoken to me in a recent session.
It was such a powerful moment I asked immediately if I could share it. 
She immediately said ‘of COURSE!’

On the journey to the type of life this particular person set out wanting, some un-resourceful, gnarly behaviours have come to light. 

When she started with me, she wanted to show up as a loving person… 
…being present for her partner, family, friends and patients in a consistently caring and compassionate way.

She’d been wanting to show up like this for years, but didn’t know HOW. 

It also resonates so strongly with my own journey, so I felt moved to write a few words on it. 

The unwanted, uninvited bitch seems to be a recurring theme for so many people I work and coach with, just that the words used to describe it are often different. 

So which other words might lie behind the inner ‘bitch’:
What’s the word for you? 

Pissed off. 
[C*** – tehe!].

Do you have an inner bitch? 
Does it spill over, from time to time, or do you deny its existence? 
Maybe you truly don’t have an inner bitch (well done btw)…but maybe you know someone who does?

Keep reading — there may be some value here for you or share with a loved one. 

Let’s consider what sits behind the inner bitch, energetically.
Tune into it now – what is it for you? 

What’s happening in the body? 
Heart rate? Cheek flush? Pit in the stomach? Tight throat? Clenched jaw? Hands throbbing? Sadness?

What’s going through your mind? 
Words? Visuals? Sounds? Voices? 

Do you suppress it? Repress it? Oppress it? Process it? OR, do you simply distract yourself from it?

Do you enjoy it? That bitch? How’s that going for you? 
Do you experience judgment, simply for the existence of that bitch?

Guess what? External events happen ALL THE TIME – they will do for the rest of your life!
** We happen to live on a planet with billions of us on it. 

So any form of thinking you can just avoid the challenging moments IS NOT THE SOLUTION. 

One of the most important stepping stones on the pathway to the quality of life you’ve been wanting is dialling in AWARENESS of how you react to these external events and happenings.

Your choice for a different way of being is yours to make.
Nobody else has that power. 
You CAN show up how you want to, before the triggering kicks in.  

It all starts with the knowledge of what’s truly going on for you — becoming aware of precisely what’s got you triggered.

There will always be something with the potential to trigger you. 

What might be possible for you if you figure out your own specific patterns of feeling and thinking that sit behind that trigger?

So what’s possible? 

Here are a few words, from this same unnamed client:






She’s several sessions in on one of my programs, well on her way to getting over her triggers and living in self awareness.

She’s also now living the type of life (**full of love**) that she’s been wanting to lead for many years. 

If this post resonates with you, and you’re curious about what’s possible for you in your journey, we can explore it together.

Head to my booking page and schedule a complimentary Discovery Call.

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