But what does ‘homecoming’ even mean? As I land in Sydney I’ve been asking myself this very question.

For me there is a very special feeling in returning to Sydney. I’ve been trying to put my finger on exactly why that is the case. It’s not that I call this ‘home’, as it just happens to be a place that I’ve been visiting on and off for a while now (this was even noted by border force when I came in yesterday morning).

Since I started this journey back in 2016, I somehow lost any grip of desire or attachment to a single place: Transience became my thing just as much as wearing all black did. When I left London, I was craving change just as much as I was seeking the space in which to do find my own evolution.

I experimented with multiple locations in search of the right combination of this change and space. I wanted to keep it all very simple. In every place I’ve traveled to I have learnt something new about myself, or have reminded myself of something I already knew. There was, however, often a struggle with stability.

I’ve given myself permission for Sydney to be my distraction-free environment, in order to truly embody the changes I’ve been making in my life in order to be more free to be me. When I am here there is a natural ability to authentically practice my own process of BODY // MIND // FLOW.

The ability to practice yoga at home is just as delicious as the ability to go and practice with Jivamukti or Manumission. I am inspired by my friends here as well as my study peers within The Coaching Room. As well as the Vipassana centre being an easy train ride away, nature is abundantly available in multiple forms.

After my departure from a pretty turbulent political landscape back in the UK, I am thrilled to start studying ‘Integral Semantics’ this weekend. It is billed as the methodology to facilitate groups of people with many different worldviews, values and perspectives. Pretty handy skills to have, don’t you think?

Sydney gives me the space I desire in order to develop, to do ‘the work’ on myself in clearing, in order to be of service to myself and to others. So even though it’s not ‘home’ as we generally understand it to be, Sydney is the place in which I come home to myself.

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