With last weekend’s festivities, I was reminded why we are on this planet.

I wouldn’t be the first person to say the words ‘we are social creatures’; this goes a long way to explain why this past year of ‘social’ distancing has come with its challenges (understatement, of course).

The language of social distancing was always questionable – it seemed that this choice of language over simply ‘physical’ distancing set us up in many ways to experience separation even more keenly.

Somehow, Australia (and more specifically Sydney) fared well with Covid restrictions, all things considered. We didn’t experience the same extent of lockdown enforcement as did our fellow Victorians, our friends and family in the US/UK. Regardless, to see Sydney bursting out of the lockdowns we did undergo, with unabashed form, semi-naked and covered in glitter was a special moment to say the least.

So as we start to slowly eek our way out of lockdown, and start to re-engage… how might you live your colours? Be unabashed in your celebration of this life? See the light of your own freedom?

The last question I will leave you with is – are you clear about what is important to you?

What the world could do with realising…
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My Mardi Gras ladies – two generations of the Adams Family. 😉
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