For exhausted individuals surrendering to change.

The pathway to lasting integration

A range of private self-development programs designed for exhausted individuals who are ready for a different way of living. One on one engagements are the meeting point of body, mind and flow, giving you the tools and capacity to clear old patterns, deepen relationships and lead an integrated life.    

Daily self-awareness and development assignments are coupled with immersive conversations to offer the necessary deep reflection practices and methods to not only cope with life, but to optimise and thrive within it. 

Supported by the BODY // MIND // FLOW ™ FRAMEWORK and wider community, the design and sequencing of each program is tailored to each client, offering a stabilised and fast-tracked journey into both self-development and enquiry.

Private program will support you in resolving:

  • Being ‘done’ with your old life, ready to live life the way you actually want to.
  • Want to get real about the impact you have over all your relationships.
  • Struggling to reconcile your physical practices with your mental health and wellbeing and energetic practices.
  • Dealing with burn out from years of chasing achievement.
  • Frustration with expectations vs reality, ready to transition to a new way of living but not entirely sure what that is (or how to get ‘there’). 
  • Realising that you’ve spent years living your life constantly putting everyone else’s needs first. You’re fearful of doing life a different way. 
  • Feeling distracted, like you’ve been living your life on autopilot, afraid of arriving at your deathbed without having asked the bigger questions. 

Through our work together you'll be able to:

  • Stop struggling with yourself, and resisting what is possible in your own life.
  • Feel less exhausted from the constant whirring of life, relating to your body and mind more fluently.
  • Slow down without guilt, making space to reflect and take a look at your life.
  • Have less angst/drama in your external relationships as a result of experiencing less turmoil on the inside, without going to therapy (again) for answers.
  • Have choice and power in your life, free of your own habituated way of showing up.
  • Break free of everybody else’s expectations, be more authentic in the world, and have true, real relationships with people that understand the ‘real’ you…pretence-free.
  • Embark upon a journey of self discovery in a way that is practical, grounded, and whilst not KPI-driven, allows you to experience the changes and results first hand.
  • Be brave and get involved to do the big work of clearing yourself, in service of you, your loved ones, and the generations still to come.

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

  • You’ve completed the CORE ESSENTIALS self-study course.
  • You’ve had some experience with self-development in the past, ready to go deeper.
  • You do NOT need authority from a medical professional to engage in this oftentimes challenging work.
  • You are done with how you’ve been going till now, ready to try a different way of showing up.

You'll receive:

  • Private engagement with me.
  • Complimentary Discovery Call detailing your specific needs.
  • Daily/weekly self-awareness ‘homeplay’ projects (for daily practice)
  • Breathwork (breath awareness + conscious breathing exercises)
  • Meditation practises
  • Journaling assignments.
  • Access to FRIDAY FLOW for the duration of your program to support your journey.
  • Access to online study structure.
  • Earlybird access to surprise group calls.

For someone who is unsure, just strip away the question of 'can I afford to do this', and ask yourself 'can I afford NOT to do it'.