to a more open, enlightened and embodied life.

This is an introduction to the three segments that make up BODY // MIND // FLOW //
Practices, tasks + ideas to align, connect + liberate.


First we create space by opening the body.  Simple, effective daily tasks allow you to connect more deeply with your own physicality as well as your surrounding environment. 


With an open and relaxed body, the mind has more chance to settle. Specific methodologies can be used to offer clarity to your thoughts, and shine light into your blind spots.


With an open body and calm mind the flow state can occur. Find full alignment with all aspects of your life via a deep understanding of who you are, or clarity on your personal ‘brand’.



BODY // MIND // FLOW // consciously begins with the body.

Without this mostly untapped source of energy and power being worked, open and calm the mind cannot be still.  In-person, tailored, breath, yoga and swim sessions with me create this stillness, and the physical feeling of FLOW, however I want to offer something for free, no matter who or where you are. 

To start to counter the modern ‘norms’ of stress, anxiety or depression, start with three vital things to ask yourself throughout the day:

  1. How well am I breathing?
  2. How open (or tight) are my hips?
  3. How well can I feel the ground under my feet?

Fast, shallow breathing, locked hips and closed feet will result in us feeling less connected or ‘tuned into’ our surroundings. If we are physically unplugged, disconnected or out of sync with our life, how should we expect to live with truth and clarity?

The good news is that there are simple but effective methods to bring calm and balance the body. The first step is awareness.


The MIND part of the process is perhaps the most intriguing of all.

From birth to present day, we’ve in part been unconsciously learning adopted certain frames and ways of thinking. With a fast-paced, unforgiving schedule it is often incredibly difficult to notice the power these patterns have.

As a qualified meta-coach, it’s my job to help you see these frames, thoughts and blind spots.  Within the coaching session I help you strategise how best to handle them as they arise.  Either before or outside of coaching with me, I’d like to share three free and simple methods to help you see more clearly:

  1. Journaling.
  2. Meditation.
  3. Thought observation.

With discipline and routine, each of these free tasks a route to a place of clarity and calm. If we can begin to see how the mind holds power over our being, then we can start to ‘rewire’ or reprogram it.

Once we become familiar with the truth of our thoughts, we can start to learn what to do with them as they come up.


Do you struggle to balance the various aspects of your life – work, home, social?

The purpose of the FLOW element of the BODY // MIND // FLOW // program is to be able to calmly and clearly see what is going on for us, and develop our ‘personal brand’.

The components of the flow state are different for everyone.  The start point is to see ourselves with clarity and know what our purpose is:  Are we seeing the truth of our world?  Are we living the life we want to be living?  Do we truly know what our deepest dreams and desires are?

Once we know what we want, we can start to plot how to get there.  Armed with our purpose and our pathway set, we then start to cultivate trust – most importantly in ourselves.

Trust, along with the resourceful states of either acceptance or change, is power:
There is always a choice…

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s talk more about how BODY // MIND // FLOW // can work for you.