Have you been staring at the news in disbelief? Wondering how we have arrived here? Then here is a paragraph or two for you. 

We could be forgiven for feeling doom and despair when watching the news. Systems, politics and economics do not serve the beings of this world; constant news cycles tell us of imminent government collapse, conflicts or wars, and of imminent recession. As a result, the masses are being distracted from the larger issue of the planet’s meltdown. 

In the space created by minimising my intake of news (I gradually found myself addicted to various feeds, so took a break), I’ve found more time to read. I recently picked up one of the many books on my shelf and got right on into it. Whenever I trust, the most appropriate things manifest…

Unhealthy qualities of both masculine and feminine sit behind the destructive and chaotic world today. The words below point to an opportunity for self-reflection, processing how well we each balance the masculine and the feminine.

“If the healthy masculine principle tends toward autonomy, strength, independence, and freedom, when that principle becomes unhealthy or pathological, all of those positive virtues either over- or underfire.

There is not just autonomy, but alienation; not just strength, but domination; not just independence, but morbid fear of relationship and commitment; not just a drive forward to freedom, but a drive to destroy.

The unhealthy masculine principle does not transcend in freedom, but dominates in fear.

Does this land for anyone? Ken goes on to explore femininity…

If the healthy feminine principle tends toward flowing, relationship, care, and compassion, the unhealthy feminine flounders in each of those. Instead of being in relationship, she becomes lost in relationship.

Instead of healthy self in communion with others, she loses herself altogether and is dominated by the relationships she is in. Not a connection, but a fusion; not a flow state, but a panic state; not a communion, but a meltdown.

The unhealthy feminine principle does not find fullness in connection, but chaos in fusion.”

Extracts taken from Ken Wilber’sThe Integral Vision

For the love of Ken.

I don’t believe that the extract above intended to speak of the current state of affairs in the world, for the words of Ken Wilber stretch so much further than any one particular moment. Regardless, they’ve reminded me of the potential of a heightened awareness and deeper understanding of what is happening today, and why we have arrived here.

I am a firm believer in doing the work for ourselves first, before judging others. So I challenge you to sit with these words and ask yourself:

  1. Where do I sit? 
  2. More masculine or more feminine?
  3. Am I in balance? 
  4. Am I healthy or unhealthy in any of the areas mentioned?


To clarify – masculine and feminine is not about gender. Beyond ‘male’ or ‘female’, these are energies that exist inside us all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation. 

Good luck, and answers on a postcard please (or an email is fine too). 

With gratitude,
Nathan X

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