'During the whole time I attended sessions with Nathan, I felt held, respected, listened to. The insights were uncanny - at times surprising - but always absolutely spot on. I had material to integrate, I knew we were going forward. Gradually I have felt a turnaround in my attitude and views of all the circumstances that seem at any stage to ‘rule’ my life and thoughts. Instead of reacting and responding to them, I can see them at their very root as being a pattern I have engaged in for some time, become habitual. Once seen, I can’t unsee them. This method made it impossible not to ‘see’ them and it remained for me to disentangle them from my life.  I now feel way more healthy - as if I have done an intense yoga course for my mind and spirit.' 

'Sage, confidant, yoga maestro, world traveler/migratory bird and my confidence compass.'

'When I first thought about joining Nathan I had the same feeling I get when the car goes in to be serviced, it will cost money and I won't have anything to show for it. That thought dissipated within minutes of our first session when I quickly, and gratefully, understood what this is really about. If I am giving the keys to my Porsche to a stranger, I have to be comfortable they will give it back sounding better and looking better than when I left it. Why shouldn't the same approach apply to my life? A must-do activity for any person with a busy life who wants to slow down, and focus on some 'home-improvement'.

'I didn’t know what to expect from this journey, but soon after starting to work with Nathan I noticed how much better about myself I felt. I was frustrated and confused about a few things in my life, and these sessions really helped to ‘clear the fog’. One tangible upshot is that the house in which I reside has now been transformed into a home that I love, and feel settled in. I am incredibly grateful to Nathan, my guide, who showed me that I have the ability to accomplish so much more than I thought.'

‘I needed to turn in, to reflect on myself, on what I want in life, what makes me happy - rather than focusing on others, all the time. I was feeling calmer, full of energy, not having this tiredness anymore, not feeling overwhelmed, it’s like I’ve been running a marathon, but I was still full of energy to keep running. It was a gift for me at this moment in life, and a gift for my baby, for the future. I wish anyone in their life to experience what I have experienced.’

‘I was struggling with being a service-providing solopreneur and the challenges with "value" and "worth" kept coming up. In working with Nathan I was able to identify the deeper triggers and gain confidence in standing in my truth as a full human being.’