In black and white, with clarity.


This post reflects on a few key words from the acceptance speech of Joaquin Phoenix, and takes a look at what each of us CAN do as a small next step, to move humanity forward. 

It’s easy to be disheartened and overwhelmed when the world seems to be imploding/collapsing/disintegrating. If you find yourself asking ‘what next…what can I do?’, then focus on one word – it starts with the I – the SELF. 

His speech stunned. It has been rewatched several times by me, in attempt to allow it all to percolate. The emotion was obvious, even at times something bordering frustration that had a touch of anger in it. 

As his energetic state disintegrated on stage (tears, crackled voice), what was experienced by me was a sense of true integration. His masterful use of language upon the very platform he called out as providing a ‘voice for the voiceless’ truly hit home for me. He was as black and white as the image above from a recent post in Esquire UK (exploring choices in fashion to reduce waste).

He seems to have brought words to what so many feel, the fact that we are ‘made to feel that we are championing different causes‘.  The core truth of this is, that we aren’t.  We all want the same things – safety, warmth, shelter, food…love.  We are misled, tricked and distracted into seeing the world from diametrically opposing perspectives. 

Love this man.

There is truth in saying that we have become ‘disconnected’. We exist in the belief that the planet will just continue to provide, when science tells us it simply will not. It’s a time in which we can swiftly become overwhelmed. How do we start the process? How do we integrate? The first challenge we must face, in order to address our ecological issues is our own ‘ego-centric world view’ as he stated. 

The first issue to look at is how we have become disconnected from our own sense of ‘self’. We simply need/want/take more and more, without feeling any consequences?

Seeing ‘commonality’, seeing what is the SAME for us, not what is different, is the path forward. Anything else is a distraction from the truth. Distractions in this form can show show up in the most subtle of places. There are the obvious things – skin colour, language, socio-economic status, and then the less obvious – political views, certain opinions, values and beliefs. 

If there is any JOB to be done on this planet, it is to do the work in clearing all of our attachments that divide us: This is the process of clearing. 

As this journey starts with looking at the self, then it involves how we label ourselves as different first and same/similar later. Every label, every value, every belief, every opinion has the potential to drive a rift between us… This is at the core of the disintegration of humanity. 

When we take these things on as a part of our identity, and we come across someone else who has a different approach, we can swiftly become triggered into old patterns of reaction. We make it so PERSONAL. In this way, we are a part of the problem that is further dividing an already fractured world. 

The ego-centric world view (ego-logy) must be undone in order to harmonise with a rapidly disintegrating environment, if we are to integrating to an eco-centric perspective (eco-logy).

A proper exploration of what is the self, and an understanding of what the ego is, and how it always wants more, has to be what is next for us as a race. In order for the planet to survive as it is, and for us to be a part of it, we must first be ‘whole selves’. Being at one is achieved as a byproduct.

If Mr Phoenix can put his hand on his heart in front of 23.6 million people and confess to being a ‘true scoundrel’, are you able to do the same in the mirror, alone?

Are you ready to put your hand on your your heart, and take a good look at your own SELF, asking the question, how am I involved in the world, today, now?

None of us are guilt-free. Let’s be honest first and open to collaborating in the healing process. 

With gratitude, 

N.B. Don’t be overwhelmed – the maps to get us there already exist. 

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